Waiver Agreement

I grant permission to the staff of the 3D Sports Performance to act on my behalf for my child in granting permission for evaluation/treatment of minor medical problems. I understand that should a major medical problem arise, an attempt will be made to notify me by telephone. In event I cannot be reached, I hereby give my consent to such medical treatment as deemed necessary by a licensed physician. In addition, I hereby release the 3D Sports Performance, its employees and agents from all claims on account of any injuries which may be sustained by my child while traveling to, participating in and returning from any event. I also agree to indemnify 3D Sports Performance, its employees and agents from any claim, which may hereafter be presented by my minor child as a result of illness, or accident while my child is at practice, a game or training.

By signing this I am indicating that I have read this contract and understand what is expected of me as a member of the 3D Sports Performance family. I am agreeing to do my best to uphold the Standard of Performance both in and out of athletic competition. I also agree to cover all financial requirements asked of me in a timely matter.

Thank you for choosing 3D Sports! It is an honor & privilege to assist your kids in reaching their potential in more than just sports.

- Dominic Robinson