Arm Care & Velocity development

This program is designed to give baseball players the proper components they need to optimize health, strength, endurance &
recovery of the body and arm so that they not only can compete at their highest potential but also maintain that level throughout the year.
Because of the complexity of throwing the baseball, this program is extremely comprehensive in that we will do work on strength, athleticism, mobility, flexibility, mental game, power development and a host of other components. The goal is for them to become world class throwers. We will educate them on how to approach and prepare for all of their baseball requirements. This program has 3 Phases, Training season, Pre Season and Competition Season. We will train the athletes using the theories and principles established by Jaegar Sports and Driveline baseball who are the trailblazers on arm health and velocity development.

All players will learn:

• The importance of listening to and taking care of their arms daily
through proper warm up and preparation
• The components needed to play good catch and the principles of
long toss and how to implement it
• Clearly understand the positive effects on an arm by taking care of it
while allowing you to throw more rather than less