Sports Specific Training

This program is designed to increase the skills and the physical adaptations needed specific to your sport. While this program has many of the components of the Athletic Development Program, these sessions will have training elements, drills and movements that are
unique to increase your capacity in your particular sport and not just general athleticism. We will blend strength and power movements with movements performed in your sport to enhance performance on the court or the field and not just in a weight room.


This program is aimed at the high school level football player who is looking to dig deeper into the his specific position than what can be
provided by his high school position coach. Taught by a former professional football player and college football coach you will be
taught the schemes, terminology and techniques that are being taught at the NCAA and NFL level. This program will give you the exact edge
you need to make the jump to becoming a college level football player or prepare you to make an impact the second you step on campus.


This program has produced a High School State Championship! We pack hundreds of high speed, game-specific repetitions into fast-paced 90 minute workouts that are custom-built to:

• increase your ball handling ability
• develop a quicker more consistent shooting stroke
• gain confidence as a scorer
• become a more explosive, powerful athlete to rebound and make plays
• increase your quickness to become a defensive stopper

This program has Off Season, Pre Season and In Season Phases.