3D Gold

It has been proven that expert performers have characteristics and abilities slightly outside of the range of their competitors but many of these differences can be changed over time. We believe that the difference between expert performers and others reflect a life long period of deliberate effort to improve performance in a specific skill. What this tells us is that the major leaguers aren't necessarily experts solely because they were born with freakish abilities but that they are experts because they maintained high levels of practice and training to improve performance. Which in part can explain the gap between warm weather and cold weather youth baseball players. it isn’t just about “reps,” and getting to 10,000 hours of training a particular skill but the quality of those repetitions that makes you an expert. 3D Gold was created with the goal to give athletes an opportunity to practice, train and compete beyond their regular season teams with and against the top players in their region and sometimes the country. To put young men in an environment where they have no choice but to maintain a high level of performance because of the culture of competition surrounding them. This environment forces them to take their levels of focus and attention to detail higher than even what they believed were achievable for themselves. This is not an organization for a ball player who just really likes the sport. This is for the player who has a burning desire to play ball at the highest level possible and cannot get enough high level instruction nor are they afraid of the expectation of the Standard of Performance that is set. This program is by no means intended to replace your regular season team, but to supplement and add to your athletic development. Our objective will be to help you reach a potential you previously didn’t believe possible and ultimately compete with and against the best players in the nation, while opening up doors for opportunities following High School. 3D Gold will always strive to have the highest level of instruction who will have experiences as professional athletes, instructors and coaches.