Swing Training

This program is driven by video analysis and Zepp swing data. We don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach to the baseball swing, as each hitter presents different challenges within their physical and mental make up. The high speed video allows us an opportunity to spot any trouble spots and gives each hitter a visual as we have found that “feel is different than real.” Many players can’t feel their flaws until the see them. We then will give them drills to work on at home throughout the week to combat the bad habit or swing inefficiency. We don’t teach the traditional swing, we teach the swing that you see on TV. And we use video of MLB players to confirm that.

▪ Elimination of lunging, drifting, and front-foot hitting
▪ Proper use of hips and lower body
▪ A natural swing, tailored to put the plane of the swing on the same
plane as the pitch
▪ Correcting the hand path
▪ Dynamic balance from stance through follow-through
▪ Optimized swing for bat speed, bat quickness, and power
▪ Minimized head movement
▪ The ability to hit to all fields – with power
▪ Increased confidence building gained from learning these productive
▪ Video analysis used throughout program

This program can be done locally and remotely through the use of video